Proper Tree Planting Long Island Tree Care

Using the Air Spade we can expose roots to a sick tree, without causing any damage to the tree. See the roots of a healthy tree? At Sterling Tree & Lawn we have close to 30 years of highly specialized knowledge and experience with Long Island landscapes and we pass …Read More

Sterling Tree Organic Lawn

Sterling Tree and Lawn will show you how to get a beautiful organic lawn the real way and the healthy way. A perfect lawn is possible with organic fertilizers but it takes the experience of Sterling Tree and Lawn to know how to make the organic track work. Grass needs …Read More

Long Island Tree Service Black Pine

This Japanese Black Pine was saved after many professionals gave up on it. When a Black Pine gets infested it can be saved from becoming a dying tree with proper deep root fertilization treatments and antibiotic treatments. At Sterling Tree & Lawn we have close to 30 years of highly …Read More

Southampton New York Tree Service Removes Borer Worm shows you how to save a tree and not cut it down, even when it is infested with borer worms. Southampton and all of Long Island enjoys tall Spruce and Pine trees which occasionally get infested with borer worms. Injections, fertilization and the knowledge of Sterling Tree Long Island …Read More

Long Island Tree Service does Deep Root Fertilization and Tree Spraying

Sterling Tree Service includes deep root fertilization of dying trees on Long Island and tree spraying. Tree fertilization and tree spraying is sometimes the only thing that can save a dying fruit tree. See how the leaves come back the following season. Tree services like deep root fertilization are a …Read More

Frozen In Time Tree – Root Ball Problem

This video shows how a vast majority of trees are planted incorrectly with their wire baskets around the root-ball, still intact! Then people wonder why their tree is not growing or why it died when the rest of the landscape looks so beautiful. At Sterling Tree & Lawn we have …Read More

Radial Trenching Can Save a Tree

Radial trenching around a tree can get nutrients into the roots and reverse the damage of crushed feeder roots and compacted soil. Long Island is famous for contractors who don’t keep their distance from the trees on the landscape. If you want to save a tree on your Southampton property, …Read More

How to Save a Tree in Southampton, NY Saving trees comes from knowledge and having the right tools to do what is necessary. On Long Island New York, Sterling Tree and Lawn Service knows how to treat a tree that is in a downward spiral when other Long Island tree service providers would send it to the …Read More

Southampton Tree Planting & Removal

Tree planting on Long Island needs special care not to damage property and kill other trees in the process. Sterling Tree and Lawn not only knows how to plant trees as well as choosing the right trees given weather and soil conditions, but Sterling Tree and Lawn uses the right …Read More