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With our 30 years of experience, we at Sterling Tree & Lawn have got it down – achieving beautiful, green, weed-free, pristine lawns. Our head of the Lawn Care services, Tom Cicale, has 20 years of experience as a golf course superintendent. Our combination of proper mowing, watering and weed/pest control can give you the picture-perfect lawn you desire

Our routine applications include controls for crabgrass, broadleaf weed, nutsedge, surface insects, white grub larvae, and grass diseases. We also provide lime applications to maintain the proper soil pH balance that grass loves.

For our customers who prefer a more organic approach to their lawns, we also provide controls that give your lawn a green lush look, with minimal pest problems.

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Weed Control X-Additional
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Crab Grass control X-Additional
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Fungus control X-Additional
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Nutsedge control X-Additional
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