Tree and Lawn Service Doing a Deep Root Feed

At, a Deep root fertilization is an integral part of all tree service programs and lawn care visits. Trees function differently in their surroundings and they need specific fertilizers that are custom blended to make sure they grow beautifully from year to year. Southampton trees that are not responding …Read More

Airspade and Tree Spraying in Long Island

Long Island tree spraying is often complimented by the air spade which saves dying trees when the root structure is examined undamaged. Tree spraying is still essential once the tree is planted correctly. At Sterling Tree & Lawn we have close to 30 years of highly specialized knowledge and experience …Read More

Save a Tree from Deer in the Hamptons New York identifies a deer damaged cyprus tree on Shelter Island near Bridgehampton, NY. An experienced tree service provider can identify the cause of damage and save a dying tree. This tree will be taken to a private nursery to bring it back to health. Trees can be replaced or moved …Read More

Improper Tree Planting On Long Island, NY

At Sterling Tree & Lawn we have close to 30 years of highly specialized knowledge and experience with Long Island landscapes and we pass this on to you with every service call. Sterling Churgin is an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist and my team includes trained certified tree specialists, lawn …Read More

How to Save a Tree Like a Viburnum in Southampton

This tree was saved while other Long Island tree service companies wanted to cut it down and turn it into fire wood. Sterling Tree Service always knows when there is a chance to save a tree and has the tools to make it happen. Tree service in Southampton, NY means …Read More

Long Island Tree Spraying Tree Services Dying Tree

Long Island tree service providers should know better than to plant a tree without taking off the wire basket that holds the roots together while transporting. This kills trees, like this one, but the effects are only seen after several years. Even tree spraying won’t help. If you don’t choose …Read More

Southampton, NY Lawn Service Aeration Mower offers lawn aeration. Lawn Aeration is using a perforator to pull out 4 inch plugs from the lawn so that soil nutrients, fertilizers and grass seed can be spread and reach underneath the soil. Sterling Tree and Lawn can keep your landscape looking green and healthy all season, free …Read More

Long Island Tree Service Testimonial

The following people on Long Island have tree service from Sterling Tree and Lawn. They have their lawn sprayed, tick control, mosquito control and receive tree spraying. This is the best recommendation you can have for a tree service provider in Montauk, Southampton and all of Suffolk County. Let us …Read More

Tree planting Tree Service Long Island

Long Island tree service companies don’t always know how to do a simple task like tree planting. This is another case of a tree dying several years after planting because it was left in the wire basket that it was transported in. Tree spraying doesn’t help an improperly planted tree. …Read More