Sterling Agrinos Plant Super Solution

Sterling Agrinos Plant Super Solution

Our Agrinos/vortex brewer organic super slop is a proprietary microbial product produced by a unique fermentation process of naturally occurring soil microbes. Its microbial blend contains a diverse array of microbial families that together serve to rejuvenate the soil, improve nutrient availability and invigorate landscape biology.

Overview & Benefits

  • Contains organic ingredients to feed microbes in the soil
  • For use on lawns, trees, shrubs, and all ornamentals
  • Helps maintain vibrant, lush green foliage and colorful blooms throughout the season
  • Gets plants off to a good start and provides continuous release feeding for up to 3 weeks for beautiful trees and shrubs all season long

Agrinos/vortex brewer organic super slop is a new scientific approach rather than redundant spraying. This “brew” is bio-dynamic meaning that it is packed with micro-organisms that literally wage a biological war with the pathogens they encounter. The results on any landscape from this super slop are truly remarkable. The product is so dynamic and versatile that it can sprayed or injected directly into the soil.

For the most advanced and environmentally responsible treatment of your property try our proprietary treatment this season.