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A Long and Dangerous Tick Season Predicted

As New York residents prepare for the summer, one thing on everyone’s mind is ticks and Lyme disease. After the winter we had, the ticks are waking up and looking for a meal of fresh blood.

Peak season for Lyme disease is in May and June but adult sized ticks are already being spotted around upstate New York and East Long Island. In both these locations, cats are attracting them and flea collars are becoming the fashion even before April starts.

Some other factors are hinting to a flourishing tick season like the abundance of acorns in the Hudson Valley area. That means there will be higher numbers of white-footed mice, which are a delicacy for ticks.

The warm weather means Long Island will be seeing a wider range of ticks this year. Lone Star ticks are making their way to the north from their more common habitat in the southern states and will probably be more prevalent than the common deer tick. Even though Lone Star ticks don’t carry Lyme disease, there is the possibility of contracting Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever that gives sever flu like symptoms. The expected number of Lyme disease cases is about 13 for every 100,000 people

Proper tree and lawn spraying will keep your property tick and mosquito free all summer long and let you enjoy the outdoors with confidence. Call Sterling Tree and Lawn.

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