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Eastern Tent Caterpillar

Eastern Tent CaterpillarThe Eastern Tent Caterpillar has been spotted in areas on Long Island and that means it will be a matter of days before fruit trees will be swarming with them. This is the weather they have been waiting for and these caterpillars are a tremendous inconvenience. They make it very difficult to spend time outdoors because they are constantly falling from the trees and lanCaterpillar removalding on unsuspecting property owners. It is very common to break out in an allergic rash after coming in contact with them. This is usually from brushing them off with force, causing them to excrete fluid which causes the reaction.

Besides the medical precautions, these creatures will cause havoc to your trees by eating the leaves and flowers. There is something you can do. You need to fertilization and tree spraying. Also a Sterling Tree arborist will give you watering instructions to help your trees bring back lost foliage from these insects. We are experts in tick control and saving trees.