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Lawn Service Tackles the Fairy Ring

Another fungus called mycelium can be seen on many lawns by identifying a circular shadow in the lawn that usually has mushrooms on the surface. The dark circular areas are caused by the fungi releasing nutrients such as nitrogen, which causes the grass to get a lush green. The fungus can be controlled with proper lawn care and a lawn fertilization program. Some of these circles can reach more than 50 feet in diameter and generally show up in the same area from year to year. The mushrooms that come out can be poisonous and dangerous to children playing in the yard. They can be raked up and removed as they appear. Most of the time the ring will cause the lawn not to look nice for a while and disappear but other times there can be dead grass under the ring, making a lawn fertilization and lawn spraying program a real necessity. Sterling Tree and Lawn has a lawn program just right for you.

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