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Lawn Spraying and Fertilization Against Dollar Spot

When temperatures are warm and humid, many long island lawns will start showing ‘dollar spot’ – deep brown spots scattered throughout the landscape caused by a fungus starting in the spring and lasting until the fall. The fungus is able to spread to different areas  and the only way to get it under control is to spray lawn fertilizers that are part of a lawn service program which includes regular lawn spraying. Even though there are a few things that homeowners can do to lessen the effects of this fungus, like make sure not to over irrigate the lawn, lawn spraying and lawn fertilization are the most effective ways to combat this lawn disease.

Sterling Tree and Lawn offers many different types of lawn care and lawn spraying programs to suit your needs and keep your trees and lawn looking healthy and green all year.

dollar spot lawn spraying
dollar spot before lawn fertilization
dollar spot fertilization
dollar spot closeup before lawn spraying
lawn services
dollar spot in need of fungicides and lawn spraying