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Legal Counsel with a Master Arborist

Sterling Churgin is a Board Certified Master Arborist and a member of ASCA, the American Society of Consulting Arborists. Home owners as well as professionals will at some time need to consult with an arborist for legal counsel.

Trees today are not in a natural environment on most landscapes. That means that they were transplanted, often times incorrectly or they are being groomed, and  leaves are being collected, which depletes the natural nutrients that are meant to go back into the soil and feed the tree. All of these factors mean that a landscape needs to be carefully planned out and a solid, consistent maintenance plan needs to be put in place.

If these things are not done, you end up having a serious monetary loss down the road when trees need to be replaced or even worse, a liability that comes from a tree that was just waiting to cause bodily damage to someone  – hopefully not a child playing in the yard.

Sterling is able to make a court  appearance for a legal matter or advise a homeowner, together with the landscaper on how to go about planting or transplanting old trees. It takes an arborist to have the foresight to anticipate possible hazards that may result in the future, which could save tens of thousands of dollars later on.