Long Island Mugo Pine

The Mugo Pine is popular on Long Island and can do very well if it is protected from various insects and worms that like to attack it. Don’t resort to replacing your dying pines, call a Master Arborist. At Sterling Tree & Lawn we have close to 30 years of …Read More

Black Pine Infested Long Island Tree Spraying

Long Island Tree Service Expert Talks about tree spraying and Black Pine infestation. Tree spraying is critical when your trees have become infested with insects that go unnoticed by the human eye. A tree care specialist like Sterling Tree can identify which trees are being attacked, which insects are doing …Read More

Tree Spraying in Quogue, New York

Tree service on Long Island, NY includes a quality tree spraying program. Southampton Tree spraying and other tree services will help eliminate insects as well as keep your trees healthy. Find out about our tree service and tree spraying programs.

Hydrangea Tree Spraying From a Long Island Tree Service Provider

Sterling Churgin will show you how to take care of your Hydrangea. They don’t always need tree spraying but it helps if they are infested. They are very prevalent in Long Island but only the ones well taken care of will produce beautiful flowers every season. At Sterling Tree & …Read More

Long Island Tree Service

At Sterling Tree & Lawn we have close to 30 years of highly specialized knowledge and experience with Long Island landscapes and we pass this on to you with every service call. Sterling Churgin is an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist and my team includes trained certified tree specialists, lawn …Read More

Long Island Tree service does tree spraying and radial trenching

Sterling Tree Service is an Long Island Tree Service Specialist that treats trees and lawns, with tree spraying, protecting them from the effects of infestation, improper planting, depletion of nutrients and faulty irrigation systems. The owner of this property requested to have the tree cut down. Sterling felt this tree …Read More

Southampton New York Tree Service Removes Borer Worm

www.SterlingTree.com shows you how to save a tree and not cut it down, even when it is infested with borer worms. Southampton and all of Long Island enjoys tall Spruce and Pine trees which occasionally get infested with borer worms. Injections, fertilization and the knowledge of Sterling Tree Long Island …Read More

Long Island Tree Service does Deep Root Fertilization and Tree Spraying

Sterling Tree Service includes deep root fertilization of dying trees on Long Island and tree spraying. Tree fertilization and tree spraying is sometimes the only thing that can save a dying fruit tree. See how the leaves come back the following season. Tree services like deep root fertilization are a …Read More

Southampton New York Tick Spraying and Tick Control

www.sterlingtree.com shows you how prevalent ticks are on Long Island New York and how much residents need to worry about tick control and tick spraying. Deer tick was found by just walking through some high grass. Tick control starts with a reliable arborist that ensures the right formulas are used …Read More