Long Island Tree Spraying for a Dying Red Maple

Your Long Island Tree Service and Lawn Care Specialist should conduct tree spraying and examine trees from the nursery to make sure they are healthy and if they sign off on them, they will guarantee that they do not die from any disease they had prior to planting and tree …Read More

Tree Spraying and the Air Spade

Tree spraying is usually enough to save a dying tree but if the tree was improperly planted then tree spraying won’t help. The air spade is needed to safely expose the roots and examine what is wrong with the tree. At Sterling Tree & Lawn we have close to 30 …Read More

A Deep Root Feed To Save a Tree

Tick control is not the only problem on Long Island. Sterling Tree and Lawn Service can save a dying tree with deep root feeding. Long Island tree service doesn’t always include a deep root feed and it is the only way to get nutrients into the feeding roots of the …Read More

Insect Management Feature

Insect and Disease Control

Insect and disease management is crucial to keeping your trees and shrubs healthy. Our certified …Read More