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Fertilization can save your trees

Fertilizing trees via a technique known as Deep Tree Root Fertilization uses a special wand to inject a blend of tree fertilizer about 4-6 inches below the surface of the soil. As most feeder roots lie within the in first 12 inches of soil, the tree fertilizer is optimally placed.

Why should I be fertilizing trees and plants?

There are many benefits to your trees of applying our specially formulated tree fertilizer:

  • Rejuvenates and improves soil structure
  • Stimulates tree roots and stem growth
  • Continuous feeding of the tree roots throughout the season with slow release nitrogen
  • Encourages symbiotic activity
  • Corrects deficiencies (including decline and Chlorosis – yellowing of leaves)
  • Breaks-up compacted soil around the tree roots caused by foot traffic

When Should I be fertilizing trees and plants?

Now is the perfect time for fertilizing trees! The ideal time to start fertilizing trees is when root growth starts. The tree fertilizer needs to be applied so it is readily available in the spring when most trees ‘awake’ from dormancy. Tree fertilizing now will ensure a healthy start in the spring.

Act Now!!!

Don’t wait until you see signs of stress to schedule your trees for this necessary application. Even trees that appear happy and healthy may be struggling to find the nutrients they need. Trees that do exhibit signs of stress have likely been in a difficult situation for a long time. Give your sick tree what it needs by signing up for Deep Tree Root Fertilizing. You will reap the benefits of healthy, vigorous trees.