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Winter Lawn Molds

There are several types of diseases that attack the lawn after the winter. One, which is very prevalent in New York is Pink Snow Mold. This fungus spreads rapidly in wet weather with temperatures in the 60’s. It can easily affect small plants in the area and can also be passed on to humans through handling objects in the grass or even in water.

There are certain fungicides that can take care of pink snow mold, but it is important to know which are most effective and also to properly identify whether it is really pink snow mold on your lawn and not another fungus.

Since the mold can be caused by improperly fertilizing the lawn Long Island Lawn Care in the late fall, causing a burst of growth that sits under the snow and eventually brings on the mold, it is important to have someone taking care of your lawn throughout all seasons, to make sure every different tree and plant is getting the care it needs.

The disease looks like round patches that come out in clusters over the lawn. Sometimes time is needed to let the lawn dry out in those areas but many times intervention is needed.

While the East Long Island Tree Service specialists are on your property taking care of  mosquito spraying and yard tick control this spring, have them do a lawn application to get rid of those unsightly mold spots. We are experts in tick control and saving trees.