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Dog Urine is Ruining My Lawn!!

Long Island Lawn Service and Pets

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that after Sterling’s visit my lawn looks great. Except for a couple spots that are probably from to much nitrogen (burnt spots, 1 or 2) they did a great job and it looks REALLY good.

I am hopeful that going into the summer season Sterling continues with keeping my lawn in its current condition. I am very grateful to their quick response to my concerns and the outcome shows on my lawn.

So please pass this on to the owners and the workers. Thanks for the Green Lawn, keep up the good work.

Robert A. Moro – P.S. my trees look good too !!

People with pets need to realize that the heavy nitrogen content in dog urine mixed with the nitrogen in fertilizers will cause small areas in the grass to burn or turn a yellowish brown. The nitrogen is a necessary component in all fertilizers, even though some might be less than others. You don’t have the option of not fertilizing your lawn, however, you can do one of these 3 things.

1)      You can teach your dog to urinate in one area of the lawn.

2)      You can give your dog a supplement that will cut down the nitrogen content in his urine.

3)      You can take a garden hose and water down the area where your dog urinated.

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