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Lawn Watering Guide

Proper lawn watering and sprinkler system maintenance is essential in maintaining a green lawn. During the summer months, you should be watering your lawn every other day. Lawn turf requires 1” of water per week. If you have a well drained sandy soil this could mean your sprinkler system should be operating 40 minutes per zone; if you have a heavier, clay soil 20 minutes or less may be all that is required from your sprinkler system. It is important not to overwater. NEVER start lawn watering late in the evening. This prevents the leaf surface from drying, thus increasing the incidence of tree disease and creating a sick tree. We recommend lawn watering early in the morning as close to sunrise as possible. This allows proper soil absorption and minimizes leaf wetness.

During periods of extreme heat, we recommend a short syringe cycle of 5-7 minutes for lawn maintenance, around mid-day. This does not “water” the lawn turf but cools the leaf surface to prevent wilting. We also recommend you leave your lawn turf on the high side. A green lawn cut at 3 inches and above requires less lawn watering and is better able to handle environmental stresses. It also prevents sunlight from reaching any weed seeds buried in your turf canopy, preventing their germination and making it easier to maintain weed control.

By focusing specifically on the Long Island area, Sterling and the team know the exact lawn watering needs for this area. The amount of water that your lawn and garden requires may vary by the season or time of day, or other factors such as whether it is in full shade or partial shade.

Healthy trees, green lawns and lush gardens all require different watering requirements. The best approach is to ensure that your lawn sprinkler system can deliver the right amount of water at the right time.

Whether you need to install a new lawn sprinkler system, an underground sprinkler system or a home irrigation system or whether you need help in fine-tuning and maximizing the current lawn watering schedule, call Sterling Tree Service and Lawn Care.