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Organic Tick Repellent

Who wants a good smelling tick anyway? It has been known that rosemary oil is good for repelling ticks in small contained areas in the house to keep them away from your pets and your living room sofa. However that does not mean it can be used as a tick control spray on your property. It will do nothing to get rid of the ticks on your lawn but you might be able to smell them before they climb under your skin. There is no such thing as organic tick control with rosemary oil and it is just cheating all the Long Island property owners out of money they are spending on multiple visits for tick control, not to mention the health hazard it is causing for children who are spending a lot of time outdoors in the summer. If your tree and lawn care service provider is spraying your property with “ECO-Exempt”, before you tell him to take a hike, read the label and see what the main active ingredient is.

Sterling Tree and Lawn Services will get rid of the ticks, not just repel them, with formulas that have been tested to be safe for your family and pets. You can enjoy your outdoors and let your guests know that they are safe because you have taken the necessary precautions against tick bites on your property. Be safe this summer. Ticks are a very dangerous health hazard. Call Sterling Tree for a quote today.  Visit or call 631-283-0906.