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Tree Spraying and Bug Infestation

The Viburnum Leaf Beetle,  Pine Needle Scale and the Black Turpentine Beetle plague East Long Island and all of Suffolk County.

The viburnum leaf beetles cause severe damage whether they are the adults or just the larvae. They need to be treated early.

Looking on the bark of the pines there is extensive scale until the eggs hatch and then the trees are swarming. These insects make the pine needles change from green to yellow and to brown. Sometimes the branches will become so infested that they will die.

And to round out the infestations affecting Long Island, the Black Turpentine Beetle attacks white pines out east, usually in areas that had flooding in the previous year.

The solution in all these cases is tree spraying and if the tree is in a downward spiral, in addition to tree spraying, they might require deep root fertilization and antibiotic treatments.

Call a Board Certified Master Arborist before trying to replace your landscape. It’s the smart choice.

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