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How to make keep a lawn Green

Why Those Lawns Are So Green? Because they are Aerated! Lawn Aeration is using a perforator to pull out 4 inch plugs from the lawn so that soil nutrients, fertilizers and grass seed can be spread and reach underneath the soil. Sterling Tree and Lawn recommends aerating the lawn in the spring or in the fall so that the grass will be a rich, healthy green after the winter or so it will last through a hot summer. In the spring is when weed killers need to be applied to the lawn and this will kill all the seed if it is not under the soil.

The way Sterling Tree Services and Lawn Care aerate is one of the most thorough in the business. First we do a soil test to make sure the conditions are right for aerating and to do a chemical analysis. We then aerate and do a lime application which helps increase the pH levels of the soil. This all effects the growth that will take place. We then fertilize the lawn with nutrients and re-seed. The process usually occurs over the course of a few weeks. In the end, you have a lawn that is just waiting to explode with strong, thick healthy grass. This video shows you exactly how it’s done.

Don’t underestimate the benefits of lawn aeration. This service will ensure your grass is a healthy green all season long.