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Plant Trees Correctly

If a tree is improperly planted, not only will it be an inconvenience and an …Read More

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Radial Trenching Replenishes Nutrients

Sometimes a dying tree has depleted the nutrients in its soil and because most landscapes …Read More

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Identifying an Improperly Planted Tree

A Board Certified Master Arborist can identify under performing trees on Long Island. Included with …Read More

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Air Spading before Tree Spraying

Air Spade technology lets Sterling Tree Service get to the root of the problem without …Read More

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Lawn Aeration is Lawn Renovation

The term ‘lawn renovation’ is a little misleading. People don’t usually call a yearly maintenance …Read More

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Improper Mulching Kills Trees

If it does, you may have trees that are not growing as they should and …Read More

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Fertilization can save your trees

Fertilizing trees via a technique known as Deep Tree Root Fertilization uses a special wand …Read More

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Bug Infestation

Bug Infestation and common tree diseases pose two of the most serious threats to tree …Read More