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Sterling Tree East End Property Featured in Architectural Digest

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Salt Damaged Tree

Saving Salt Damaged Trees

As you look down the south side of East Long Island, interesting two-tone trees become visible. Half green and thriving and the other half brown, dried and dying. It is clear that this is salt damage and it is also clear that it is a result of Hurricane Sandy – …Read More

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This Year More Trees Will Need a Deep Root Feed

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Sterling Tree Spraying Programs

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Tree Spraying for Water, Salt and Deer

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Tree Spraying & Deep Root Fertilization Can Save a Tree

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Plant Trees Right the First Time

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Plant Trees Correctly

If a tree is improperly planted, not only will it be an inconvenience and an …Read More

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Radial Trenching Replenishes Nutrients

Sometimes a dying tree has depleted the nutrients in its soil and because most landscapes …Read More