Salt Damaged Tree

Saving Salt Damaged Trees

As you look down the south side of East Long Island, interesting two-tone trees become visible. Half green and thriving and the other half brown, dried and dying. It is clear that this is salt damage and it is also clear that it is a result of Hurricane Sandy – …Read More

boxwood dying long island

Boxwood Leafminer Needs Tree Spraying

If your Boxwood trees are looking sick with yellow colored blisters on the leaves, it …Read More

insect control

Tree Spraying and Bug Infestation

The Viburnum Leaf Beetle,  Pine Needle Scale and the Black Turpentine Beetle plague East Long …Read More

Pest Control in the Spring

Tree Spraying for Viburnum Leaf Beetle Infestation

As of mid-May the Viburnum Leaf Beetle became extremely prevalent in our area. This is …Read More

hydrangea long island

Caring For Your Hydrangea

Sterling Tree will show you how to take care of your Hydrangea. They are very …Read More

insect and pest control

Eastern Tent Caterpillar

The Eastern Tent Caterpillar has been spotted in areas on Long Island and that means …Read More

winter burn

Winter Burn in the Spring on Long Island

What are those brown and wilted leaves in patches on my plants and trees? After …Read More

Sterling Tree Crest

Tree Spraying & Deep Root Fertilization Can Save a Tree

If a tree is not producing flowers or fruit every season, like it should, it …Read More

Long Island tree services

Winter Lawn Molds

There are several types of diseases that attack the lawn after the winter. One, which …Read More